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Pilgrims visit Holy Land, despite the violence

Pilgrimages continue to take place in Holy Land, despite the violence in recent weeks across the territory. This was announced by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. As Fides learns, many groups visit the Patriarchate and Mgr. William Shomali receives and thanks them for their courage: “A pilgrimage in difficult times is a real pilgrimage”, he states in a note, inviting groups to pray for peace in Holy Land.
There was fear that the number of tourists in Jerusalem would fall due to the recent violence, but few trips were canceled. The pilgrims come from France, Spain and other European countries, from the United States and from Asia, although the news is not reassuring.
Most of the pilgrims had organized their trip a long time ago, and were unwilling to cancel.
However, if tensions did not discourage the current pilgrims, these tensions may have influence on the future: far fewer pilgrims and tourists are expected for Christmas and for the start of next season. Mgr. Shomali wants to reassure all: “Do not be afraid, violence will not hit you”.

Source: Fides News

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