“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

The Role of Women and Youth in Building the State of Palestine

The fourth panel on “The Role of Women and Youth in Building the State of Palestine” was moderated by Noor Shayeb, Human Resources Associate at Chemonix and KTH alumna.  She emphasized the fact that Palestinian women are at the heart of their families, society and national development, and that the youth are the future leaders of Palestine.  The panelists agreed that Palestinian women and youth are already mobilizing as active champions of justice, peace and coexistence. 


Rami Ayyub, Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate at Georgetown University and KTH alumnus, spoke of how Palestine represents diversity.  “We are all ONE. The only lasting peace is when the Holy Land is for all.” 


Jorge Daccarett, Consultant, Bank of Palestine, Santiago, Chile, explained that the youth embody a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, and one way to bring the Palestinian Diaspora together is through business. “Palestinians are among the richest peoples of the Middle Eastern because we are multicultural—we are all over the world, we speak different languages, but all have Palestine in our blood.”

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