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BSCC Visits the Medical Open day at Birzeit University on the World Diabetes Day

On Thursday, November 19th, 2015, Birzeit Senior Citizen Center (BSCC) Elders participated in Birzeit University’s World Diabetes Awareness Day.

Nursing students at Birzeit University welcomed the Elders warmly with songs and hugs at the entrance of Nursing School, after which BSCC members were given health screenings and a diabetes test. The Dean of the Nursing School gave the Elders a tour of their center and educated them about how to prevent common diseases and illnesses.

As part of the festivities, the Elders and students had lunch together followed by singing and dancing. Elders especially enjoyed participating in “Al-Dabkeh,” a traditional Palestinian group dance.

At the end of the day, the Elders listened to a lecture about diabetes, which provided them with essential information about the disease and how to manage it. Nursing students taught the Elders about how to control diabetes through diet, exercise and medication.

Mr. Fawaz Shaheen, a BSCC Elder, reflected on the event: “The visit was unique and distinctive. On the one hand, we enjoyed talking, singing and dancing with Birzeit University Students. On the other hand, the visit was so important since we were able to receive many necessary medical tests.”

Mrs. Suad Burbar, another BSCC Elder, further commented: “What caught my attention the most was the welcoming ceremony that we received from the students. I felt the warmth of love between them and us. I felt I was younger and full of a strange energy. We all felt that we were welcomed, accepted and not a burden on anyone.”

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