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King Abdullah: Arab Christians are an integral part of our past, present and future

His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Tuesday, December 22, congratulated Jordanians from different walks of life on the occasions of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday and Christmas.

In a televised speech on Jordan state television, His Majesty the King expressed his delighted to congratulate Jordanians “who celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammad”, and ” our Christian brothers and sisters who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He also wished all ”beloved Jordanians many happy returns”.

Noting that this year the birthday of Prophet Mohammad coincides with Christmas, he said:” We mark these two special occasions while our region faces the most difficult of times. Many of the countries in the Middle East, and indeed the world, suffer from the spread of extremism and violence and deviation from the true principles and teachings of Islam and Christianity. On the eve of these two occasions, we must remember that Islam is a religion of compassion; and that what brings Muslims and Christians together are common values, which are profoundly opposed to the practices of Khawarej, the outlaws of Islam.”

Pointing out that Islam is truly a religion of compassion to all; and thanking God “that our blessed country has never witnessed division”, he said: “We all live under the umbrella of equal citizenship that binds us together. We firmly believe that Arab Christians are an integral part of our past, present and future. Ever since the great battle of Mu’tah, Arab Christians have been an essential partner in building our culture and civilization and in defending Islam.”

He concluded: “Be assured that with our solidarity and determination, we will continue to stand strong and united against the evils of terrorism and extremism, which target the entire world. This is the very reason why we ought to be proud of our model of religious harmony, a way of life long embraced by our fathers and forefathers, and one which our next generations must, God willing, continue to protect and cherish.”

Source: Abouna.org

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