“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Prayer, Mother by Saliba Sarsar

Saliba Sarsar


O Virgin Mary!

Born in Jerusalem,

raised in Nazareth,

humble, young,

chaste, unwedded bride,

you gave birth in Bethlehem to

the Incarnate Word that

despoils Hades,

saves humanity,

sustains the Kingdom of Heaven.


O Blessed Lady!

You stood by the Cross praying,

you stood by the grave seeking

His immaculate Body

You are forever in our hearts.

We take refuge “under

the shadow of your wings”:

in our happiness,

our pain of loss,

our challenges of daily life.


O Most Holy Theotókos!

You are without comparison:

“the radiant dawn and

sure guide for our steps”

towards the One who is

“the true light,” towards

faith, charity, and service.

You are the supreme defender

of what is just and right. Keep us

safe and focused on good works.




*Anyone quoting from this series should give credit to
HCEF Palestinian Christians: In Their Own Words.

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