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Israeli High Court rejects the appeals to stop the “Cremisan Wall”

Beit Jala – The Israeli High Court rejected the appeals that had been presented to counter the resumption of the construction of the “wall of division” in the Cremisan Valley. The appeals were presented by the Salesian Sisters of the Convent located in the area affected by the works, by the municipality of Beit Jala and by the Palestinian owners of agricultural land expropriated to build the barrier. This is reported in a statement released by the Society of St.Yves, an organization committed to the defense of human rights and connected with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, that assisted the Salesian Sisters in the presentation of the appeal.
The Court itself – the statement, sent to Fides says – had admitted the possibility of filing complaints with respect to its previous statement. Both the sisters and the landowners appealed to protect their rights of access to their property.
Since August 2015, the Israeli army has already begun to build the wall in Beir Onah, uprooting more than 50 olive trees. Now, the Society of St. Yves warns that even in court, appeals to stop this policy of fait accompli have been rejected.

Source: Fides News

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