“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Birzeit Senior Citizen Center: Where the Young Meets the Young at Heart

Birzeit, Palestine – Students in the 4th grade class from Friends School in Ramallah were warmly welcomed by BSCC elders during their visit where thy enjoyed each other’s company by sharing singing, dancing, and sharing stories of the rich history and culture of Palestine. This visit marked the significance of the unique role that the center plays in Palestine. The elders at BSCC have preserved the Palestinian culture and heritage throughout the years and have the opportunity to share their history with the younger generation.

“I love being able to take school trips like this, I had so much fun hearing all the stories that the elders shared with us,” one student shared.

The Friends School of Ramallah/ El- Bireh has been educating children since 1869, offering a rich curriculum that teaches students to recognize their responsibility to society. BSCC is a place in which students of this school are provided the opportunity to put what they learned about social responsibility into action.

Mrs. Miladeh Samandar commented: “It was so surprising to see our grandchildren singing the traditional songs that we all know and enjoy. They excelled at the songs, and Dabkeh. We enjoyed a lot spending our time together”. Mr. Suheil Naser, member of BSCC reflected on the visit: “My friends at the center and I were thrilled to see those marvelous students. They are so young, so ambitious and very much enriched with our traditional identity. In the times were most of the people are looking to new things, forgetting about their history and identity, we see those candles full of passion, thirst for new things and develop, in addition to the pride of their history and Palestinian identity. We enjoyed a lot. It was absolutely one of the most wonderful days of my life”.

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