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BSCC had spent a relaxing and joyful time in a much-needed trip to Jericho

Birzeit, Palestine – Members and staff of the Birzeit Senior Citizen Center enjoyed a much-needed trip to Jericho to spend time relaxing in the embrace of nature, getting away from the stresses of their daily routines. Jericho, with its rich history dating back to more than 10,000 BC., is known for its famous archaeological and biblical sites, gardens resorts and more.

Elders delighted in charms of the old city by visiting the old marketplace for fresh vegetables, fruits and one of Jericho’s famous treats, mussels. BSCC elders had the opportunity to visit “Bab-Alshams Gardens and Resort”, where their day was filled with singing, dancing, playing cards and bingo with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Mr. Fahed Salameh, member of BSCC commented, “It is a unique chance to get out of our daily routine in addition to visiting new places and enjoying our time differently. It is a chance also to get relief from the many worrisome thoughts. What better than a good trip in the nature an good food! It is like our old days when I used to go with my father and rest under the olive trees cooking and enjoying good views”.

A trip to Jericho wouldn’t have been complete without visiting the “Al-far’a” river, where the young at heart members enjoyed playing in the water and feasted on a barbeque that was prepared.

Trips like these give the elders a glimpse of a life outside their own locale. It gives them hope for the future. You can support trips like this by donating to BSCC today!

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