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Birzeit University Nursing School Students Visit BSCC to Give Health Check-ups

Birzeit, Palestine – A group of nursing students from Birzeit University visited BSCC on April 13th 2016. The elders at the center were waiting for this visit, since BZU students come every month to do medical check-ups on BSCC members by testing blood pressure, pulse, general health status, height, weight, oxygen rate, and diabetes management education as a main goal of the visit.

BSCC members were so excited to spend the rest of the day with the students’ company. The spirit of youth was what both, the elders and the students have in common. They enjoyed exchanging exciting stories, in addition to playing cards and Bingo!

BSCC provides a platform for Birzeit Elders to feel vital, strengthen relationships with surrounding local community, better interact with groups of different ages, and provide essential services to less taken care of and vulnerable people in society. Services includes basic mental, spiritual, and health care. With our partners, your contributions and support, we will be able to continue serving the people in need. People that lived and continue to live as messengers of love and peace. People who are truly the living stones of the holy land.

BSCC keeps records of its, tracking their health status, and follows up with their families and physicians.

Mr. Suheil Shaheen commented on the visit: “As always, we enjoy Birzrit university students visit. After they check up on our health, we spend some time telling stories and play cards together. And this time we were blessed to meet a person with angelic voice who amused us with her old songs that she performed perfectly”.

Mr. Jihad AlJamal, BZU group supervisor commented: “Today we were really happy by visiting the Birzeit Senior Citizen Center. The residents were very nice, cooperative and lovely. In addition, the reception was very generous and well organized.

During our routine assessment, we noticed that the majority of the residents were in good health.

In general the residents seems to be happy and having fun with their stay at the center. They were strongly attracted to the environment and very involved in different activities created by the center and by our students”.