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Chaldean Patriarchate to Christians: let us join the fasting Muslims for a day during this month of Ramadan, praying for peace

Baghdad – As Iraq continues to be destroyed by bombings and armed conflicts, the Chaldean Church is calling on Christians to fast on Friday 17 June 2016: “In solidarity with the fasting Muslims during this month of Ramadan”, says the statement released by the media of the Patriarchate and sent to Agenzia Fides, “we will fast and pray together for peace and stability in our country and the region”.

The patriarchal statement remarks that Churches in Iraq, before the tragedies and humanitarian disasters also caused by the military successes of the Islamic State (Daesh), are playing their humanitarian, national and spiritual role in helping the affected people without exception through: Distribution of food baskets to refugees many times in several camps; provision of drugs to clinics; organizing “Iftar” dinner for fasting Muslims; reception of university students; as well as the unceasing offers in all the above mentioned areas from “Caritas-Iraq.

With the same spirit the Chaldean Patriarch, his Auxiliary Bishops and collaborators have decided to fast on this particular day, along with the Muslims, and pray as usual “for peace in Iraq, Syria and throughout the region”.

Source: Fides News

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