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Protecting Christian presence an obligation for Muslims, too — Theophilos

AMMAN — Orthodox Church Patriarch Theophilos III has stressed the important role Christian leaders can play to encourage the Christian presence in the Middle East saying it is not only a responsibility, but also an obligation.

The Orthodox Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem, All Palestine and Jordan told The Jordan Times in an exclusive interview that the time is right for Christian spiritual leaders, who have been living in the Middle East to realise their just and moral obligation.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the general assembly meeting of the Middle East Churches Council, which is hosted by Jordan for the first time. 

“We, the Christian leaders who have been living here [the Middle East] must join forces and raise our voices in order to mobilise the world opinion to support and second our efforts for protecting the Christians of the Middle East in order to encourage them to remain in their homelands,” he said.  

The presence of the Christians is threatened by migration and forced displacement, he noted.

The church leader said that common human global elements should always be encouraged and disseminated among all people regardless of their faith, colour or race, with focus on promoting a culture of love.

“Spreading love between various people is important in the Christian faith as is the focus on shared human values. This is what matters and it should inspire the leaders to take action to save the future of the world.”

He added that Muslims of the Middle East should join efforts to help maintain the Christian presence in the Middles East as well.

Source: Jordan Times

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