“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

It is Already Christmas … in Gaza

An appointment which could not be missed by the small Christian community in the Gaza strip, which in the last Advent Sunday celebrated its birth. One of the many small parishes of the Holy Land, perhaps the most isolated and suffering community, which we wanted to bring together with the Latin Patriarchate delegation who came for a time of sharing and joy.

Patriarchal Vicar for Israel
“We came to Gaza to celebrate Christmas with the Christian community in this region of the Holy Land, but also to remember the feast of the Holy Family.”

A day of celebration for young and old. Scouts welcomed the delegation, a Holy Mass presided by the Patriarchal Vicar for Israel, Bishop Marcuzzo who did not fail to show his support: “the church prays for you, helps you and loves you”, and a representation of the Nativity made by children. The child of Bethlehem is a source of peace and hope.

Incarnate Word community
“Our message for Christmas is always the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ: forgiveness, peace and joy for everyone, and also for the people of Gaza, because they have been oppressed for years and see no hope.”

Latin Patriarchate school teacher – Gaza
“Today we had this visit to Gaza, it is a nice day, is of great moral support for us. At Christmas, everyone is here to participate with us, with joy, in the celebration in the Church. Our message is one of peace and love among all the people who are here in Gaza.”

“If there is progress, there is life, love and cooperation.” With these words, the patriarchal vicar wanted to emphasize the importance of the restoration and development of numerous works implemented in 2016.

Director of Caritas – Jerusalem
“Our message is clear: Stay here! We are here and we want you to stay here, because the Holy Family during their flight from Bethlehem to Egypt came through Gaza, and we want the small Christian family, what is left of it, the little flock of Gaza, to stay, because we do not want to lose the Christian presence. So we are here, and we want you stay.”

Courageous and exhausted, but happy faces in the Gaza City community celebrated together, once again, another Christmas of hope, despite everything.

Patriarchal Vicar for Israel
“The Christmas message to this community and to the Gaza parish is: “you are in the heart of the church, you are not forgotten; we will never forget you.”

Source: Custodia Terrae Sanctae

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