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Knights Of Columbus, Maryland State Council – District 18 In Partnership With HCEF Launches Committee To Support Persecuted Christians In The Middle East

On Thursday, April 27th, the Knights of Columbus, Maryland State Council – District 18 launched the Christian Solidarity Action Committee (CSAC) in partnership with HCEF, and in response to the incredible persecution, dislocation and distress affecting thousands of Christians in the Middle East. The launch was announced and followed by a lecture by Sir. Rateb Rabie, KCHS, HCEF President/CEO (also a 4th degree Knight and member of both Rock Creek Council and Cardinal O’Boyle Assembly of the Knights of Columbus).   In Sir Rabie’s talk he spoke about the plight of Christians in the Holy Land/Middle East, and called on international Christians to lend their support.

CSAC’s mission is to deepen ties between the Knights of Columbus and their fellow Christians in the Middle East by actively supporting programs and initiatives that foster dignity and security for Christians. Among CSAC’s activities will be to support HCEF’s programs, for example Holy Land Gifts, which open international markets for artisan Christians producing olive wood and mother-of-pearl religious gifts, and the Children’s Education Fund, which  offsets the cost of Christian schooling for disadvantaged  children.

In supporting these programs, the Knights of Columbus continue their longstanding support of HCEF’s work, and serve to strengthen solidarity with Christians of the Holy Land and the entire Middle East.  About the establishment of CSAC, Sir. Rabie commented, “CSAC ‘s initiative emerges from our successful work with Knights of Columbus on the Solidarity Cross  program, and serves as an extension to our long-standing partnership with Local Councils and the Supreme office.  I am certain that the deepening of our partnership will be instrumental in supporting persecuted Christians in the Middle East.”

Although CSAC has been approved at the District level, and will work with any of the 35 District Deputies to assist Councils across the state, District 18 intends to make CSAC a statewide initiative.  Sir Knight Joe Stewart, the District Deputy of District 18, recently commented that District 18 has requested that the Maryland State Council authorize CSAC as one of its official church committees.  A decision is expected in the next couple of months. 

For more information about CSAC, please visit:

Christian Solidarity Action Committee (CSAC)

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