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Shaded sports and recreational area project completed in Latin Patriarchate School in Gaza.

GAZA – It is the last project of El-Zaitoun Latin Compound Master Plan to be completed. The new shaded sports and recreational area will allow students to play and spend quality time in a safe space.

Since 2014, many rehabilitation projects have been launched at El-Zaitoun Compound to repair the damages and destruction caused by the last war in Gaza. The sports and recreational area is the last project to be completed. In the past, the floor of this area was damaged, and accidents occurred often. The area also lacked appropriate playgrounds for the different sports. Restrooms were broken and there were no changing rooms for students and sport teachers.

Thanks to the Order of the Holy Sepulcher and the generous donations granted by several local and international institutions, the rehabilitated sports and recreational area can now benefit both students and staff at the school. During the implementation of the project, the floor was replaced with concrete and was designed as a multiuse playground for basketball, volleyball and football. The place also features concrete bleachers for seating spectators, a new shaded area to protect from direct sunlight as well as renovated bathrooms.

The Master Plan has 12 projects that benefit the Christians living in El-Zaitoun compound. The projects’ primary beneficiaries are the priest, the communities of the Rosary and Missionaries of Charity Sisters, the parishioners, the students and staff.

The Master Plan projects included rehabilitations for the parish multipurpose community hall, the priest house and parish office, the Holy Family Church, the youth community service hall and offices, Latin school facilities. It also included a new external playground and green area, setting up a diesel generator, upgrading the kindergarten and safety requirements, acquiring a new minivan for parish pastoral work, a safety and security project for the compound as well as installing a photovoltaic solar system in the compound.

Source:Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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