“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

The General Secretariat of Christian Schools honors members of the Ecumenical Committee for Catechesis.

The General Secretariat of Christian Schools honors members of the Ecumenical Committee for Catechesis at the meeting of Christian schools’ principals on Friday, November 9, 2018, at the Oasis Hotel – Jericho.

The recognition program included an opening speech by Father Iyad Al-Twal, Secretary-General, in which he commended the efforts and achievements of the Committee in the field of Catechesis.

Sister Virginie Habib, Coordinator of the Committee, gave a presentation on the purpose of establishing this committee and the most important achievements carried out since its foundation (2012) until the present day.

She thanked all the Christian institutions that hosted the Ecumenical Committee’s meetings during these years: the Beit Jala Seminary, the Rosary Sisters Monastery in Bethlehem, the headquarters of the General Secretariat of Christian Schools in Beit Jala, the Lutheran School in Bethlehem Dar Al-Kalima. At the end of the presentation, Sister Virginie thanked the members of the Committee who worked hard, with sincerity and perseverance throughout these years, keeping in mind the purpose for which they were founded, indifferent to the love of appearance and publicity.

Then a token of gratitude and appreciation from the General Secretariat of Christian Schools was given to the members of the committee – Tony Nassar, Alice Andoni, Suad Qattan, Adel Maghrabi, Nabil Maso – a gift of an icon of Jesus Christ. In that gift are a lesson and a symbol, that through their educational mission, they share in the mission of Jesus, spreading His teachings to the students entrusted to their care.

Our hope and wishes we express to the Ecumenical Committee for catechesis to further achievements in this field.

On behalf of the Ecumenical Committee

By: Sister Virginie Habib

Source: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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