“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

CCSM message of peace for the New Year: “Peace for This House”.

One hundred years after the end of World War I and seventy years after the proclamation of the Human Rights, the message of peace proclaimed by Pope Francis earlier this year bears the title, “Peace for this House”.

He says that the attainment of peace is the focus of the message of the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. This gift is aimed at all men and women who yearn for peace amidst the tragedies and violence of human history! “The house” mentioned in the message is addressed to every family, every group, every country, and every continent in their particularities and their history. It is destined to everyone without discrimination. It is also our “common home”, namely the God-given planet to us to live in where we have been called on to pay due attention.

The message talks about the challenge of good politics, of love, and of human virtues that provide a policy in the service of human rights and peace. It also names the vices available in the world of politics, most important of which are the different forms of corruption such as appropriation of public property or exploitation of people. The message of peace 2019 does not deny that there is good policy which promotes youth participation and trust in the others. Political activities and political responsibilities are in fact a constant challenge to all those who receive the mandate to serve their country, to protect all its inhabitants, and to create conditions for a decent and just future. Politics can truly become a sublime form of love if applied within the framework of fundamental respect for life, liberty and the dignity of people.

According to the Pontifical Message, peace is in fact the result of a great political project based on mutual responsibility and interdependence among humans. But it is also a challenge that needs to be accepted day by day. Peace is the change in the heart and soul. It is easy to identify three dimensions that cannot be separated in this internal and societal peace: Peace with oneself, by rejecting extremism, anger and impatience; as well as peace with the others, namely the relatives, the friends, the foreigners, the poor, and those suffering. We, thus, dare to meet and listen to the others’ views. It also includes peace with creatures, whereby we rediscover the greatness of God’s gift and the responsibility shouldered by every one of us in our capacity as inhabitants of the world, and as citizens who contribute to the amelioration of the future.

On the first day of the New Year 2019, the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM), represented by its Director Fr. Dr. Rif’at Bader as well as the Council of Consultations and all its members, would like to thank the extended Jordanian family who celebrated this year’s Christmas. The CCSM also thanks His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Hussein for patronizing Christmas celebrations which have been held by the Council of the Heads of Churches in Jordan, and conveys gratitude to the security apparatuses that have been on alert in protecting the security and stability of the country by safeguarding the churches during the Christmas celebrations. The CCSM also conveys well wishes to all Jordanians, fraternal Arabs and friends everywhere on the advent of the New Year. The CCSM also extends sincere well wishes to His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al Hussein, Crown Prince Hussein Ben Abdullah, the Hashemite family, and all those entrusted with protecting the country so that the new year would be a year of peace and tranquility, a year of dialogue and harmony, and a year of continuous improvement of the situations of the dear Jordanian people.

“Peace for this House” is the title of the Peace Message for this New Year, peace for our homes and peace for the homeland which is our home. Happy New Year.

By: Fr. Dr. Rif’at Bader

Source: en.abouna.org

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