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A new book on the Palestinian context theology.

AphorismA Verlag (Berlin) published recently a new book in English entitled “Christian Theology in the Palestinian Context”, which was prefaced by Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah, edited by Fr. Rafiq Khoury and Rainer Zimmer-Winkel.

After a preface by H. B. Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah and an introductory overview on the Palestinian contextual theology (Fr. Rafiq Khoury), the book is an anthology, where 18 principal figures of Palestinian Theology contribute their texts on the different aspects of this theology, developed for more than 30 years now. Believers, scholars, and priests from a wide range of institutions of the Holy Land approach essential questions related to the Palestinian context from a theological point of view. To these texts, annexes are added with introductions: Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land (Al-Liqa 1987), Pastoral Letter of Patriarch Michel Sabbah Pray for Peace in Jerusalem (1990), Palestinian World Day of Prayer Liturgy (1991), Kairos-Document A Moment of Truth (2009).

In the preface, Patriarch Sabbah says: “The aim of the Palestinian theology is… to liberate the word of God from being a weapon in a political struggle, into a guide for all humans to see each other as creatures of God with the same rights and duties”.

Contributions by

Rev. Naim Ateek / Fr. Frans Bouwen / Fr. Peter Du Brul / Nora Carmi / Bishop em. Elias Chacour / Fr. Pier Giorgio Gianazza / Munther Isaac / Rifat Kassis / Rev. Hanna Katanacho / Fr. Jamal Khader / Giries Sa’ed Khoury (+) / Fr. Rafiq Khoury / Fr. David M. Neuhaus / Rev. Mitri Raheb / Viola Raheb / Patriarch em. Michel Sabbah / Bishop em. Mounib Younan / Jean Zaru.

Source: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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