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Prince Hassan reflects on fire at Notre Dame cathedral.

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan on Tuesday released a statement expressing sadness and condolences over the massive fire that ripped through the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

Prince Hassan said: “It was with deep sadness that we watched the great cathedral of Notre Dame in flames last night; that historic monument which has been witness to the best and worst of human history down the centuries.”

“Our ancient sacred spaces bear testimony to the growth of civilisation and human endeavour. They are monuments to the human ability to create, so too do they epitomise our ability to endure, rebuild and renew. As Victor Hugo wrote in his masterpiece about the great cathedral, ‘Great edifices, like great mountains, are the work of the ages,’” the prince added.

“I salute the brave fire officers and the people of France at this tragic moment. I wish the people of Paris well as they strive together to return the ancient heart of their city to her former glory and, in the not too distant future, inshallah, the famous bells of ‘Our Lady’ will ring out once more.”

Source: jordantimes.com.

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