“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Caritas Jordan doles out humanitarian aid, holds iftar banquets.

Within the framework of Caritas Jordan’s campaign for Ramadan titled, “Ramadan is Different in Generous Jordan”, Caritas Jordan doled out humanitarian aid to 100 families at the Latin Patriarchate School/ Alwasiyeh in cooperation of MP Haitham Zayadin and in the presence of Fr. Samer Mdanat on Saturday, June 1.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, May 29, Caritas Jordan doled out humanitarian aid to 100 families in the Northern Badia in cooperation with Mr. Fare’ Al-Masa’id, director of the Child Welfare Association.


On Tuesday, May 28, a Caritas team, in cooperation with the Latin St. Joseph Church in Mafraq and its parish priest Fr. Tareq Hijazin, held an iftar banquet for Jordanian workers in the presence Mafraq Mayor Amer Dughmi and members of the municipal council. The food was prepared by the Restaurant of Mercy located in Jabal Luwaibdeh, Amman.

Caritas Zarqa held another iftar banquet on May 29 for Jordanian workers in cooperation with parish priest Fr. Khalid Gammoh and in the presence of member of the municipal council Sa’ed Shamayleh who thanked Caritas Jordan for its humanitarian service that serve the homeland and the citizens. Fr. Iyad Bader thanked Caritas for its initiative which falls within the framework of “Ramadan is Different in Generous Jordan” initiative. He also welcomed the Jordanian workers for their efforts in serving the homeland. The meals were prepared by the Restaurant of Mercy in Jabal Luweibdeh in Amman.


Caritas Jordan continues to coordinate with institutions and societies to reach as many as possible families during the month of Ramadan. Caritas’ Ramadan campaign, one of Caritas’ important annual campaigns, is designed to reflect compassion, mercy, fraternity and solidarity.

Caritas Jordan has all the time worked tirelessly to fulfill its love message to the poor and needy by the good work of groups and individuals offering medical and humanitarian services. Its message is stipulated in serving and developing humans without distinctions in race, color, gender or religion. It has all the time been conveying invaluable service by assisting the poor and needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas International members to achieve the desired goals.

Caritas Jordan has always presented aid to the needy, the homeless, and the forcibly displaced refugees. Its services come at the rights time to reveal messages of affection, harmony and solidarity.

By Munir Bayouk
Source: en.abouna.org

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