“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Patriarch Sabbah: The time has come for ending war in the land made holy by God.

In Gaza, the war stopped. But it really didn’t stop. The siege of Gaza has not stopped. The will for life and the will of freedom in Gaza have not stopped. The occupation of Palestine did not stop. The Palestinian state is not created. The issue of Jerusalem remains unresolved. All of that is one same reality of war.

War did not stop.

When will the war end in Gaza and in all of Palestine and Israel? When the Israeli authorities see in themselves their own humanity and dignity, and see in the Palestinians the same humanity and dignity, when they see that the Palestinians exist, and they have their rights, just as the Israelis, and have the same place in Jerusalem, which God has made a city for all, no more a city for one exclusively.

With this vision, the war ends.

It is time for Israel to see, to open the eyes of the heart, mind and simple logic, to see that its salvation, security and survival is in the heart of the Palestinians. It is not in the Israeli military power. It is in their “human” power, with which they see the Palestinians with all their rights.

I hope the time of seeing for Israel has come. I hope that the time has come for ending war in Palestine and Israel and all our land made holy by God, in order to be a land of peace for its inhabitants and all humanity.

By: Patriarch Michel Sabbah

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