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Pope Appears to Lend Support to Palestinian Position on Trump Plan.

Pope Francis took to the road on Sunday and seemingly embraced the Palestinian rejection of the Trump vision for peace and prosperity, as he refers to his peace plan. Moving his Sunday orations southward to the port city of Bari, the Pontiff was addressing political unrest in the Mediterranean region. He referred to “the still unresolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians…the danger of not fair solutions, thus presaging new crises.” The Palestinians were enraged by what they see as a one-sided plan that gives Israel virtually all of its demands while denying the Palestinians their red-line issues such as full sovereignty, Jerusalem as its capital, the right of return and contiguous land mass upon which to build a state. Officially, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has cut the U.S. off from all contacts with Ramallah.

Source: themedialine.org

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