“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Caritas Jordan continues to provide humanitarian needs.

In light of the difficult situation our dear country, Jordan, is experiencing these days and the precautionary measures Jordanian government is undertaking to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus, Caritas Jordan has started–in cooperation with its partners Caritas Denmark and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees–to work within a medical and logistical team to bring medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases from Caritas stores and accredited pharmacies which will consequently be delivered to the patients who number about 10,000.

It is worth to note that Caritas Jordan continues to provide medical services for emergency cases and to provide health awareness directives which are posted on its websites Caritas on daily basis.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, Caritas Jordan has donated a total of JD10,000 to the Ministry of Health in support of the Jordanian government’s efforts to eliminate the Coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, on behalf of the Catholic Church in Jordan and in solidarity with the tremendous efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health, Caritas Jordan has provided 10 medical beds and 10 oxygen generators to the Jordanian Ministry of Health. Caritas Jordan also provided food parcels to 150 expatriate workers in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and the Sri Lankan embassy in Amman.

Caritas Jordan has all the time worked tirelessly to fulfill its love message to the poor and the needy through the good work of groups and individuals by offering medical and humanitarian services. Its message is stipulated in serving and developing humans without distinctions in race, color, gender or religion. It has all the time been conveying invaluable service by assisting the poor and needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas International members to achieve the desired goals.

By: Munir Bayouk

Source: en.abouna.org

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