“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Iraq is a frightening future and Christians are “disappointed”!

It seems that Iraq is not an issue in the political forces plan in general! And that citizens are not the subject of attention and follow-up. Iraq is only a geography, and not an afflicted people issue. Is this not what prompted thousands of Iraqis to demonstrate, demanding “a homeland and dignity”?

Iraq will fix its affairs when a national government comes with “horsemen” who have experience and sincerity, people who are known for their integrity, patriotism, impartiality and loyalty, people without personal or sectarian ambitions or suspicious agendas, people who exert their efforts to revive a country and serve its children, and when the sectarian mentality and quotas culture ends, This epidemic, which is destroying the body of Iraq. This is a dream; we hope it will come true.

Therefore, all Iraqis in this fateful and historical circumstance must leave their struggles and interests for reunification and solidarity to repel the common enemy, “the Coruna virus,” which threatens their lives, their economy, and their social and religious relationships. And to form a national government that builds a homeland of its own master and decision and holds his wealth. A government that meets the people’s demands for employment and services. We hope this appeal will be taken seriously, as it is a rescue track for a country on the verge of collapse.

For Christians, they have become a “vase” because of persecution, exclusion, displacement, and immigration. They have suffered and suffer from extremism, atonement, and terrorism. More than a million Christians have been abandoned, their churches have been bombed and destroyed, and their homes and property seized. We have accurate stats. Fear is all the fear that in the future they will lose their land, their historical roots, their identity, and get lost on all four corners of the globe.

Here I would like to mention an example of marginalization, that whoever is nominated to the Parliament  or the Ministry, is nominated by a political bloc to which he belongs.  So we ask why he is not nominated explicitly in the name of his bloc, so he is respected more? And why is he nominated in the name of the Christian People, which is “a lie”? As a result, his interest and his follow-up will be in the interests of those who supported him, not to Iraq or Christians, and they will not let him offer anything to them! We feel bitter!

Oh God, save Iraq and the Iraqis from the Coronavirus, “and all forms of viruses,” so that they emerge out of these crises healthier and stronger.

Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako

Source: mangish.ne

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