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MECC helps 400 deprived families protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

Amid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the team of Our Lady Dispensary (OLD), which is affiliated to the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and located in Sabtiyeh – Lebanon, helped 400 deprived Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi families protect themselves against COVID-19. The team distributed hygiene kits to those families in addition to flyers including visual guidance to raise awareness about prevention methods.

This program was organized in collaboration with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) in the hall of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Sabtiyeh, in order to protect the residents of the building where the dispensary is located.

The families were chosen from a database that includes beneficiaries who often participate in the activities and programs launched by MECC Diakonia Department in Lebanon. Strict precaution measures were taken during the distribution of the kits: each family had a specific appointment on one of the 10 distribution days to avoid gatherings and reduce the risk of infection. Every hour, 6 people came to receive their hygiene kit. The beneficiaries also had to sanitize their hands, wear face masks, and show their ID upon entering the hall.

Source: www.mecc.org

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