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Gaza: St. Anne and St. Joseph groups create sense of unity among parishioners of Holy Family parish.

GAZA –  After the number of COVID-19 infected cases was largely reduced in Gaza, daily life started gradually to get back to what it was. Little by little, the streets bristled with people, the markets opened, and faithful were able to go back to churches and mosques to pray. At the Holy Family Church, the parishioners also were able to resume their pastoral activities and meetings. Among these pastoral activities, the groups of St. Anne and St. Joseph stand distinguished in this parish. So who are they? What are their activities? And what do they offer to their community?

To start with, the St. Anne group, which was established 7 years ago, gathers 45 women, who meet once a week. During their meetings, which are led by Sr. Maria de Pilar, they pray the rosary, attend Holy Masses, or Adoration, then, they discuss various topics about the Christian faith. After, they participate in social gatherings and meetings, where they play games, and arrange several initiatives to help the local community. 

For the St. Joseph group, they also meet once a week, and through their oratory, they create a good atmosphere with Fr. Yousef Asad, the parish vicar, who is always actively arranging spiritual and social activities.  

Both groups have managed to create a Christian family atmosphere around the convent compound, where it has become the parishioners’ safe haven, that lessens from the burdens they carry from their economical and political situation in Gaza, and gives them some reasons for hope and laughter.

St. Anne group

By: Rula Shomali

Source: Latin Patriarchate Road

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