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Jordan: Christmas celebrated amid health precautionary measures.

The Coronavirus has impacted all aspects of life in Jordan as serious effects were evident in the absence of manifestations relevant to Christmas celebrations.

While the Christians of Jordan celebrate Christmas, as is the case in various parts of the world, the joy is incomplete where precautionary measures are undertaken in compliance with imposed precautionary measures which did not prevent decorating Christmas trees at homes or preparing sweets.

Parish priest of the Latin Church in Husun Father Ramez Daibes said that Holy Masses are celebrated in compliance with the instructions and directives that are designed to protect the health of people. He added that the feast is not decoration of trees but rather marking the grand event.

Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan Fr. Dr. Rif’at Bader said that “the feast is celebrated in this unique year at a time when several measures have taken place that we never thought they would happen one day.” He added that Easter celebrations were earlier marked in similar circumstances while the kingdom was witnessing a complete lockdown at the time. He pointed out that celebrations at the time were confined to live-streamed transmissions through various media outlets.

He continued: “With the turn of the year, precautionary measures take priority at a time when the churches are open for prayers. Old people and the sick are not advised to go church that is why church attendance is not as has been all the time. People may go to church on Christmas eve as Christmas day, namely Friday, has been announced to be a lockdown day. Christmas Holy Mass will be marked on the next day, namely Saturday.

Fr. Bader referred to cancellation of public festive activities namely lighting up of Christmas trees, and called on parents to give Christmas gifts to their children, so as to make them joyful.

By Munir Bayouk

Source: en.abouna.org

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