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Lebanon: CCSM participates in conference on role of religion in civil peace, dialogue.

The Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM) in Jordan in addition to Jordanian personalities, intellectuals, politicians, Christian and Muslim clergymen from Lebanon and the world participated in the international conference titled, “The Theological Bases for the Activation of Civic Peace and Dailogue” which was held in Lebanon on September 15-19 by the “Forum Development, Cuture and Dialogue” in cooperation with Danish Danmission.


The conference discussed issues related to theology and public affairs, religion and civil peace, the root causes of violent conflict and the fragile situation, the role of religions in maintaining civil peace in a turbulent and fragile world from Christian and Islamic points of view, the religious responsibility in building civil peace, and doctrine as a human necessity to reform human beings and society, migration and its repercussions on the country of origin as well as on the host countries, the general formation of societies, and the role of youth in conflict resolution.


In the opening session of the conference, Director of the “Forum Development, Cuture and Dialogue”  Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour delivered an address in which he expressed his pleasure for holding the conference despite the deteriorating conditions in Lebanon at a time when optimism prevails for a better future. He said that despite the prevailing health conditions, this conference was held physically, although the epidemic has neither ended in our Arab region nor in the whole world. He also  welcomed Bishop of Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Mount Silwan Moussa.


Director of Danmission Ms. Lynn Ramsdale  said that that there is continued  cooperation between the East and the West with regards to respect for human dignity as well as optimism and hope for a better future particularly towards a future marked by cooperation and  partnership among the various religious, intellectual, and political shades that serves humanity.



Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan in Jordan Fr. Dr. Rif’at Bader who moderated the session on “Religion and Community Peace,” said that the world experienced during the past two decades, especially after September 11, how there were misleading orientations of religion, and how some groups associated with religion resorted to nefarious acts, but we are very well aware that religion was innocent of all such acts.


Fr. Bader added: “After two decades and as the world has marked the September 11 anniversary, we wonder what role does religion play in this period especially during the epidemic period and during the period of economic, social and political difficulties experienced by humans in general? All over the world, there were repercussions of the Corona pandemic, consequently we have to plan together for the future, and define the religion’s role and message in making peace and tranquility within human hearts as well as in cementing social peace.” Fr. Bader pointed out that the followers of the Christian and Islamic religions have shown all the time pioneering partnership and continuous cooperation which can be manifested in hosting the brethren displaced from Mosul as well as in serving the sick and the needy during the epidemic period.


Sheikh Hassan Karira, a researcher in Islamic affairs, presented a paper titled, “The Doctrine is a humanitarian need in reforming humans and society from a Koranic perspective”. In this paper he  talked about faith and the importance of doctrine in human life as well as the role of doctrine in reforming and steering instincts towards goodness, righteousness and public benefit.


Director of the media department at Yarmouk University DrMarcelle Jweinat said that the youth play a key role in changes in societies and in reform due to their creativity and to their staunch desire to help their societies. She also stressed the need to have the youth shoulder their responsibility of spreading messages of spreading a culture of peace in societies which can only be attained through integrating them in the areas related to peace so as to entrench peace in their societies through initiating a comprehensive national plan for young generations based on the principle partnership.

By Munir Bayouk

Source:  en.abouna.org 

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