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(Never break the heart of the elderly) HCEF Celebrates the Senior Citizen International Day of 2021

HCEF celebrated the Senior Citizen International Day at Birzeit Social Development and Cultural Center (BSCC) on October 2, 2021, in respect and appreciation for our elderly citizens. On this occasion, we would like to say to our elderly, “May God prolong your life, and we wish you many returns of this day.”

Older persons are active and important members of our society. Without their presence we would have no history or culture. They give endlessly throughout their long journey in various kinds of contributions to their families and to the society in general. Therefore, BSCC prioritized this significant demographic sector through dedicating and maintaining a vital ongoing program for them since its inception 15 years ago.

This sector of the society has been a formative influence on the land’s heritage, history, and civilization. They are the ones who have preserved our heritage, and they continue to preserve it through their stories by consolidating it in their minds, and through their recital of such stories to future generations. We salute their loyal endurance and their persevering existence in this country, their cherished homeland.

The celebration was remarkably varied as it included religious, health, and recreational segments with activities such as singing and dancing. The ceremony was followed by an honorary luncheon, after which sweets and gifts were presented in honor of the attendees.

Religious Segment: This consisted of the visit of Father Louis Hazboun to the Center, who led a prayer and celebrated the Eucharist for the elderly on this special day. He explained to those present all the activities and events carried out by the Church during the month of 10/2021 and wished everyone health and wellness.

Haircuts and Blow-dries: To show respect and appreciation to this sector of the society, Mrs. Suzan Abu Dayeh, a permanent volunteer who cares for the elderly by cutting their hair every year, offered haircuts and blow-dries to all the elderly who wished to receive them.

Health Education Segment: In coordination and association with Dunya Women’s Cancer Center, Health Educator Sister Kholoud attended the event and gave an educational awareness lecture on the importance of early testing for breast cancer for all women, and the methods of follow-up and treatment. She handed out awareness brochures to the attendees and assured them that cancer can be cured if a woman detects it in its early stages. Furthermore, the names of some women will be registered during 10/2021 to undergo free examinations at Dunya Center.

Various Entertainment Segments: Diverse educational and entertaining segments were carried out by the Social Counselor Diana Abdallah from Al-Sadiq Al-Tayeb Society, which generated an atmosphere of fun and happiness among the attendees as they participated in these segments directly.

Q&A About Palestine: Member Suzan Tannous, the head of the cultural profile at the Center, asked the attendees several questions about Palestine, and the interaction in answering the questions was impressive. This segment was received enthusiastically by the attendees, and prizes were handed to those who gave correct answers.

On this occasion, Mr. Muhammad Abu Diab, member of the BSCC Advisory Committee, delivered a speech in which he described the sincere dedication and devoted efforts of this group of elderly people over many years on behalf of their children and their community. He mentioned that the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation has been managing this program since 2005, that it provides care to the elderly, and that it did not shy away from its role, responsibilities, and duties towards them. He thanked Sir Rateb Rabie for his distinguished and extensive role in supporting the center and this sector of the society over the years.

The celebration was limited to the elderly and the members of the Administrative and Advisory Committee from Birzeit and Atara only, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. During the celebration, all preventive measures and all health protocols were followed carefully. From here, we extend our thanks to the members for supporting us in the arrangements for the Senior Citizen International Day, and we also thank the Community Accountability Committee of Atara and all donors, whether their donations were in-kind or financial.

On your day, we wish you all the best…

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