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HCEF Celebrates Mother’s Day

HCEF Celebrates Mother’s Day

“Paradise is under the feet of mothers.”


Annually on March 21, the HCEF honors mothers with a festive celebration of Mother’s Day. This event expresses loyalty and love for our mothers as well as recognition of their sacrifices, which are so great that their sons and daughters could never repay them. On Mother’s Day, a greeting, a beautiful word, gifts, and a kiss of the hand are outward gestures that acknowledge the profound gratitude that we owe to our mothers.


Although the immense, incalculable value of a mother cannot be sufficiently expressed in a single day, her feast is a symbol of openness, serenity, and beautiful feelings, as it coincides with the first days of spring. This year, more than 50 mothers attended the ceremony and participated in the celebration that the HCEF held at the Birzeit Social Development and Cultural Center (BSCC).


The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Mrs. Najwa Khoury, HCEF Program Manager, in which she expressed respect and appreciation for mothers, especially the elderly and the mothers of martyrs and prisoners. She wished health and wellness to all and thanked all those present as well as the supporters of this celebration.


Father Louis Hazboun, Pastor of the Latin Church in Birzeit, joined us in the celebration, wishing goodness and blessings to the mothers, who are at the heart of family life and provide an essential link to our ancestry.


Sir Rateb Rabie, the HCEF’s President and CEO, also stressed the vital importance of this joyful day for mothers, especially the elderly at the BSCC. He commented that this celebration has a special significance in enhancing the central role of the mother in the Palestinian family and society.


Al Majida Wassila Secondary School for Girls in Birzeit, represented by its beloved principal, Sawsan Wasfi, and several teachers and students, participated enthusiastically in the festivities. They presented several activities and events expressing the meaning of Mother’s Day. These included poetry and songs.

A beautiful gift of personal grooming was provided to a large number of mothers. On this occasion these ladies had their hair done by a volunteer, Ms. Suzan Abu Dayyeh, who always donates her time to take care of the mothers’ hair.


The many participants at this event included community members and members of the advisory and administrative committees of the Birzeit Social Development and Cultural Center. The ceremony was followed by a luncheon, sweets, and special gifts and roses that expressed love and appreciation to the mothers.


The HCEF leadership and the staff and members of the BSCC extend heartfelt thanks to everyone for their attendance and support of this celebration, including the Birzeit municipality, with special thanks to Palestine TV, who covered the event on this special Mother’s Day.



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