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HCEF Hosted an Iftar to Celebrate Ramadan Confirming Muslim-Christian Coexistence in Palestine

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation hosted the Ramadan Iftar (break the fast) under the auspices of Her Excellency Dr. Mai Kaila, the Palestinian Minister of Health. This Iftar is a true example for the whole world as a model of interfaith coexistence between Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

Organized at the HCEF’s Birzeit Social and Cultural Center on Saturday, April 17, 2022, the event was attended by Imams and the heads of mosques, as well as the heads of churches in Birzeit. Over 70 people attended from the community, with followers of both religions.

Mrs. Najwa Khoury, Director of the Foundation’s Programs in Palestine, welcomed the attendees and conveyed a congratulatory message from Sir Rateb Rabie. She explained that “the Iftar is a genuine expression of the Christian-Muslim spirit of brotherhood, in line with the mission and principles of the Foundation and the care of the heavenly religions. We, in Palestine, are one loving family united in our common aspirations and concerns.”

HE Dr. Mai Kaileh expressed her respect and appreciation for the HCEF initiative represented by Sir Rateb Rabie, which indicates the extent of cultural and religious awareness and pride in our Muslim brothers and sisters in Birzeit and in Palestine at large. She asked everyone to observe a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. She extended her warm wishes to those present and our people with blessings and goodness.

Sheikh Issam Rummana, the Imam of the Great Mosque in Birzeit, stressed in his welcoming remarks the distinguished, sincere, and well-established policy of fraternity and spontaneity that brings together Christians and Muslims in Birzeit, which is a model of Christian-Muslim coexistence. He expressed the importance of the call for Iftar, especially for Muslims, by an international Palestinian Christian institution. This indicates the religious, cultural, intellectual advancement among our Palestinian people for this blessed occasion wherever it is, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of goodness, kinship ties, fasting, and acceptance of others. He extended his deep appreciation to the Foundation and to everyone for this generous gesture.

This Iftar was attended by Mrs. Diana Sayej Nasser, the New Mayor of Birzeit; Fr. Raji Khoury, the Pastor of the Greek Orthodox Church; Sheikh Fadi Al-Khatib, the Imam of the Omar Ibn al-Khattab-Marj Mosque; Mr. Nasr Atari, the Mayor of Atara; Mr. Muharram Al-Barghouti, the President of the Palestinian Youth Union; Judge Maher Abu Awwad; several former mayors and distinguished personalities, and businessmen; and a large group from the community. The presence of women was remarkable at the event.

The management of the HCEF and the members of the Center’s Advisory and Administrative Committee would like to thank everyone for their attendance. On this occasion, the HCEF extends its sincere thanks to all who supported HCEF’s events and programs over the past months and years. Sincere thanks are also extended to the brothers Musab and Mohamed Ibrahim Saeed, owners of Blue Eyes Studio, for covering this special day and documenting by photos and video the celebration.

We welcome you to join us.

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