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Fr. Imad Twal writes study on face-to-face and distance education in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem schools in Jordan.

JORDAN – Now parish priest of Fuheis (Jordan), and having served as principal in several LPJ schools in the country as well as a teacher and lecturer, Fr. Imad Twal recently worked on a study focusing on the importance and positive impact of face-to-face education.

Beginning in March 2020, as borders were closing and countries isolated themselves to try to stop the COVID-19 virus, deserted schools implemented distance learning courses to allow students to continue their school year. These courses, which involved a radical change in teaching methodology and pedagogical tools, had a strong impact on most classes and graduating classes of 2020 and 2021. It is this impact that Fr. Imad Twal, through a study that involved the 7,984 students of the LPJ schools in Jordan, has attempted to define.

“While our schools must follow the policies of the Ministry of Education and have no say in the format of their future courses, I hope the results of this study will raise awareness among parents and teachers about the impact of these different methodologies on our students,” said Fr. Imad. “This is not a study that only states the results of the analyses as to the different methods of education; it also highlights possible explanations for these results, and provides potential solutions to reduce the impact the health crisis had on our students.”

The study, which covers the period from 2020-2021, is available in Arabic and English and can be viewed below. 


By: Cécile Leca/ lpj.org
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