“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Pope Tawadros II receives families of Imbaba fire victims

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II met the families of those who were killed in the fire accident at the Church of Martyr Abi Sefein in the Imbaba at the Papal headquarters in Cairo.

Pope Tawadros offered them his condolences, saying: “I suffer with you and all the fathers as well, and the church and all of Egypt, I feel your pain and we are in pain like you, but what comforts us is that the souls of those who have moved now live in heaven, and whenever we miss them we raise our eyes to heaven, which makes our eyes always turn towards the sky”. He indicated that the departed loved ones moved in sacred moments, while they were praying the Mass while they were fasting and ready, and His Holiness described the scene as a journey that took off to heaven, led by the deceased priest Fr. Abd Al-Masih Bakhit.

He said: The elders in the monastery used to teach us these students: “Lord, give me the good end,” and he asked the attendees to repeat these students with him several times.  He also asked to repeat the words of Psalm 23: “If I walked in my valley, the death is not afraid of evil, because you are with me” (Ps.28) The audience also repeated it with him.

Pope Tawadros also listened to some questions and opinions from the audience, some of whom expressed their painful feelings, and others expressed their condolences and supported them in this ordeal. He encouraged them with interest, stressing that despite the intense bitterness we feel, what happened will have many blessings.

His Eminence Bishop Youhanna, Bishop of the Diocese of North Giza, thanked the Pope for his concern for his children and his follow-up to all matters from the first moment after the accident, and his keenness to meet family members. The meeting was also attended by His Grace Bishop Youhanna, His Grace Bishop Julius of Ancient Egypt, and the bishop of services.


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