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Jordan: Prince El Hassan conveys Christmas well wishes to church leaders

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan, president of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, on Monday December 26 welcomed heads and representatives of Churches in Jordan at the Coptic Orthodox Church marking Christmas celebrations and the new year.

He wished Christian Jordanians a happy Christmas, commending the role of the  extended “Jordanian family” and Christian leaders, who cancelled Christmas celebrations in solidarity with the families of  the fallen Public Security Department officers.

Religious holidays are a great opportunity to deepen common living among the people of the country, Prince El Hassan said, adding that turning religious holidays into national holidays promotes the role of religion in society and the spirit of solidarity.

His Highness Prince El-Hassan hailed Christian Arab churches and institutions role  in strengthening the steadfastness of Jerusalemites and preserving the sanctities in the Holy City in the face of systematic Judaization schemes, calling for “a contemporary theological position on the Palestinian cause.”

Prince El Hassan stressed the importance of activating ecumenical dialogue between Christian churches in the Arab world in order to meet and offer a model for unity, love, harmony, and building diversity and pluralism.

He also renewed a call for setting up an Arab-Islamic heritage fund to promote intellectual communication and common understanding.

Prince El Hassan engaged in a dialogue with the audience on the key issues, including respect of diversity and differences, management of Jerusalem religious landmarks and the principle of comprehensive citizenship for religious and cultural pluralism in Jordan and the East.

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