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Assyrian Archaeologist Tells of Her Trip to Northern Iraq

These are the words of Assyrian activist, archaeologist and executive member of the Assyrian Aid Society, June Jako, who recently returned from a visit to Nohadra-Northern Iraq.


Mrs Jako says she didn’t go there as her official capacity, but her visit was a family and friends visit.

However, Mrs. Jako says, “I can’t be in our homeland and not inspect our artefacts and the ancient city”.

Mrs Jako talked about the social and economic situation of Assyrians living in Nohadra.

Mrs Jako, before leaving Australia, made contact with the Antiquities department in KRG and arranged for some visits with officials to discuss the Assyrian artefacts.

Mrs Jako accompanied a Master’s degree archaeology candidate to Mosul to see the Wall of Nineveh.

“The European antiquities universities and missions have demanded that Iraqi officials issue a decree stopping the destruction of the wall by developers and put a stop at the building that is taking place in the vicinity of the wall”. Mrs Jako said.

Already, many building projects around the area have been stopped.

Mrs Jako is planning to revisit the area to join an excavation mission in Northern Iraq.


By Ninos Emmanuel

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