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A celebration of Mother’s Day with young and the young at heart

Every year, on March 21, the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) celebrates Mother’s Day in the Middle East at Birzeit Social Development and Cultural Center (BSCC). This special occasion carries with it all the meanings of gratitude, loyalty, and love to all mothers who made huge sacrifices for their children. While greetings, beautiful words, and gifts on Mother’s Day are fine, what is most important is showing mothers respect and honoring them. The symbolism of Mother’s Day is to deepen the relationship between mothers and their children regardless of age, time, and condition.

In this year’s celebration, BSCC held various activities. Students and teachers from Al-Majidah Wasilah School presented symbolic gifts to the elders and recited poems. Children from the School and Kindergarten of Talaya’ Al-Nour sang, performed a Dabkeh dance, and recited poems. Also participating was the Siraj Library, headed by Mr. George Ghattas, who performed original music and songs, in addition to distributing flowers. With optimistic smiles and looks full of love, the elders in the BSCC expressed their joy.

The celebration began with a welcome speech by Mrs. Najwa Khoury, the BSCC Director. In it, she expressed her respect and appreciation for the mothers, especially the elders and the mothers of martyrs and prisoners and wished them all good health. She thanked all present for their participation and donors for their contributions.

Sir. Rateb Rabie, President/CEO HCEF, stressed the importance of this great day for mothers. This celebration has special importance as it enhances the key role that mothers play in the Palestinian family and society.

Father Dr. Louis Hazboun, Sisters of the Rosary, Mrs. Dina Sayej-Nasser, Mayor of the Municipality, and Mr. Nasr Al-Atari, Mayor of Attara, joined the celebration. They expressed their heartfelt thanks and blessings to the elders.

We extend our deep appreciation to the esteemed Al-Hilweh family, represented by Mrs. Manal and Nawar Hilweh, for their presence and support, and for their beautiful gesture of providing food, gifts, and sweets, visiting the center, and bringing happiness to the elders on this Mother’s Day. We also extend our sincere thanks to Ms. Maha Hanania for presenting the mothers with cake on this special occasion.

We welcome you to join us. For more information and for signing up new members to BSCC, or to donate, please visit our website https://hcef.org/programs/bsc.





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