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Holy Land Patriarch: Church will not be intimidated by extremists

  • Amid ongoing protests in Israel over PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform, and tensions between Israeli forces and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, Christian communities continue to be targeted by religious extremists.
  • Incident in a Maronite Church in Nazareth
  • The latest incident occurred on Sunday, 26 March, in Nazareth where a young man reportedly entered a Maronite church during Mass and asked the parochial vicar to recite the Koran. According to Abouna agency, when the priest refused, the man began to pray aloud until a group of people present managed to convince him to leave.
  • Two Catholic schools targeted in Nazareth
  • Prior to that, on March 23 five masked men armed with clubs had forcefully entered a Salesian Sisters School in Nazareth asking the nuns to say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ (Ramadan be generous). The nuns refused and managed to get the men out of the building.

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