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Violence rages between Israel and Gaza

The Israeli military strikes over a hundred targets in Gaza in response to hundreds of rocket attacks aimed at cities in southern and central Israel.

In the heaviest fighting in months, Israel says Palestinian militants in Gaza launched more than 460 rockets, and its army struck over 100 militant targets in Gaza.

The Israeli army said rockets were fired from Gaza at several cities in southern and central Israel, including at Tel Aviv.

At least 60 projectiles were destroyed by the Iron Dome defence systems and many others failed to reach targets.

In response, the Israeli military struck at over 100 targets in the Gaza Strip where several people were killed and 45 injured, according to local medics.

Hopes for a ceasefire

This dramatic exchange of fire comes hours before a reported ceasefire was expected to begin. Cairo radio reported that Egypt had brokered a ceasefire, but there has so far been no confirmation from either the Palestinians or Israelis.

Speaking on national television from the Israeli Defence Ministry headquarters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel’s campaign was ‘not over’.

Earlier this week at least 21 Palestinians were killed and 64 were injured when Israeli fighter jets and unmanned drones struck targets in the Gaza Strip.

The airstrikes early on Tuesday reportedly killed three senior members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement’s armed wing.

The Israeli army disclosed it had targeted dozens of military posts, sites, and operatives belonging to the PIJ military infrastructure with missiles.

By Nathan Morley

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