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The importance of historical archiving: testimony from a Knight

The historical archives team at the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem works tremendously to archive a great number of textual (both typed and handwritten), in various languages such as Arabic, French, English, Italian, and German. As well as the photographic archives. All date back to 1847.

The historical archives of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem can be accessed upon request.

Several researchers have visited the archives office since the beginning of the year, one of whom was Dr. Angelo Giovanni Marciano, a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher from the lieutenancy of Southern Italy, who was interested in the archives of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher, more specifically his lieutenancy.

Following his visit, he provided us with a testimonial letter about his experience and the information he was able to attain from our archives, regarding his subject of study.  His testimonial letter can be found below:  


“Cav. Gr.Cr. dr. Angelo Giovanni Marciano 

Via Primicerio Largo Marciano,108 80048 Sant’Anastasia (Napoli) 


After meeting with the archivist of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Fr. Aziz and the French volunteer Therese, I was able to access the archives about the Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. 

I have been a Knight of the Order for over 25 years and with a family history very close to the Order since the 1920s when my grandfather Anthony and his cousin John Angelo were as well-appointed Knights of the Order. 

Over the years my commitment to the Order and its service has made me better acquainted with our origins and history. 

A close friend and confrere of mine Cav. Gr. Cr. Gen. Carlo Pubblico, currently a councilor of the Lieutenancy of Southern Tyrrhenian Italy, is a scholar of the Order’s history who is working on a historical book that will include names of our brethren Knights from our regions (Campania Basilicata and Calabria). He asked me to assist him in this research starting with the existing documents in the historical archives of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, from 1848 to the present day. 

And I was thunderstruck by the large register containing thousands of names of brethren from 1848 to 1939. 

The register of the brethren was certainly made by highly specialized people already in those times, where they transcribed the many names and provenances of the Knights who were appointed directly to the Holy Land by the incumbent Patriarch. 

I felt great! What a great privilege it is to discover and view pictures of some of the highly esteemed Monarchs, Saints, generals, nobles, and simply men of faith, who back in those days had to travel weeks to be able to give their vows to the order in that empty tomb at the Hole Seplucher, and their commitment to the safeguarding of the Faith. 

The many documents I read and above all touched with my own hands, allowed me to go through our History, from the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily to the Unification of Italy and unfortunately to the two world wars that turned the whole world upside down.

The historical archives are exceptionally preserved. This allows for our story to tell throughout the generations, our origins will never be disproved. This great exceptional archival work shows the level of appreciation the Latin Patriarchate has towards all the Knights and Dames of the Order.

Those interested can view the many files and photos in the archive’s office of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, about what a privilege it is to be a Knight, a true Knight of the Risen Christ, and to testify about the hope that illuminates from the Empty Sepulchre. I cannot wait to be able to return to Jerusalem and the Patriarchate. And I hope to be able to put myself at the service of the brethren, which are scattered throughout the world.

Thank you for your attention. 

Angelo Giovanni Marciano OESSG”   

By: LPJ Media Office

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