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Israel-Palestinian tensions high after Jenin camp incursion

Unknown assailants in Lebanon fired two rockets towards Israel on Thursday, prompting an Israeli response.

One of the rockets landed in Lebanon, while the other fell near a disputed area at their shared border.

In response, the Israeli Defence Forces carried out air strikes against the area from which the rockets were launched.

Tense exchange

The exchange of fire came amid heightened Israeli-Arab tensions following Israel’s recent military incursion in the occupied West Bank.

Israel targeted the Jenin refugee camp, a suspected Palestinian militant stronghold, resulting in widespread destruction.

The offensive reportedly killed 12 Palestinians and left 80% of dwellings in the refugee camp destroyed or damaged.

Jenin residents have begun returning to the camp to find their homes destroyed, after bulldozers were used to raze buildings and shelters.

One Israeli soldier was killed in the two-day offensive.

Angry residents

Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Lebanese group, expressed support for the Palestinian cause but did not comment on Thursday’s rocket fire.

Israel blamed Palestinian Islamist group Hamas for previous rocket attacks from Lebanon in April and hit sites in response.

The recent Israeli operation in Jenin has stirred anger in the region. Videos showed angry residents throwing stones at the Palestinian Authority police headquarters.

The Israeli military claimed success in the operation, stating they confiscated weapons, bomb-making materials, and money caches.

Critics say the impact will be short-lived and will not bring a fundamental change to the situation in the West Bank.

By Devin Watkins
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