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Cash Assistance Alleviating Social Burdens in Lebanon

Due to the worsening conditions in Lebanon’s relatively remote locations, and the absence of government policies to develop such areas, poverty is increasing during a time when humanitarian actors are suffering from donor shortage. However, the Middle East Council of Churches, thanks to its partners’ gracious support, is able to mobilize to alleviate the burdens of several households.

As such, scoring was undertaken, with the help of local Churches, to identify the most vulnerable 400 households among a selection of 500, in the Akkar and South of Lebanon areas. Results were staggering as most of the beneficiaries in Akkar – North Lebanon needed the cash assistance mainly for buying medication then food, whereby in South Lebanon, the majority needed the money to keep a roof over their heads. As such, money was dispatched through a local cash transfer service to the vulnerable households.

“These times are terrible. You are always reluctant about which basic necessity you have to choose to survive. But luckily with the money I received, I can be sure I won’t be hungry tomorrow.” One of MECC’s beneficiaries claimed as he bid farewell the visiting social workers.  

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