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Without Ceasing to Condemn Terrorism, Vatican Media Makes Visible the Israeli Invasion

The editorial line of the Holy See media, specifically “Vatican News, has been making visible the injustice that the 2 million or so Palestinians living in Gaza are suffering, some of whom are Christians and not terrorists.

The day after Hamas initiated its terrorist attack against the Israeli population, Pope Francis condemned the incursion but also the resulting siege of the Israeli Army of the Gaza Strip, where the vast majority of the population isn’t terrorist.

The editorial line of the Holy See media, specifically “Vatican News,” has been making visible the injustice that the 2 million or so Palestinians living in Gaza are suffering, some of whom are Christians and not terrorists, being killed by bombings and the cutting of food supplies, water, electricity and other basic services.

In an article on Tuesday, October 10, “Vatican News” gave voice to the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, which stated clearly in regard to Gaza: “Without light, without water, without food, it will be terrible for the population, as it will be difficult as well to reach some areas of Palestine with necessary goods, food and medicine.” In regard to the specific situation of Christians, it added: they are “suffering a lot” amid all the destruction and death. “All the Christians are Palestinians and they are very afraid. They are locked in their houses.” The Custody added that Bethlehem labourers who work in the Custody, in the school, in the convents, aren’t going to work because it’s very difficult to cross checkpoints. They “are afraid of being singled out, of being attacked because they are Arabs.”

In an article on October 12, Vatican Media reported a call to open humanitarian corridors to Gaza, as there are at least 260,000 displaced people, given the Israeli bombings against the Palestinian civilian population. Louis Baudoin, spokesman of Doctors without Borders, called for the establishment of border crossings and safe areas so that medical supplies can be provided, people can have access to water, and be ensured a safe place in Gaza. At present they are sheltered in schools and mosques wherever they can, but no place is safe.” The Israeli Government’s response to Hamas’ attacks cannot be to asphyxiate the population of Gaza. To do so would be to equate them to Hamas militants, which in no way is true.


In another article on October 12, Vatican Media reported that Marta Lorenzo, the Director for Europe of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees, also called for the opening of humanitarian corridors.

In a third article on October 12, Vatican Media reported on Israel’s siege against Gaza’s Palestinian civilian population, and the added problem of a city without light during the night. “The Israeli Army operates primarily at night to attack the Gaza Strip, which is already totally isolated from the point of view of energy. The only power plant stopped functioning yesterday due to lack of fuel. The whole region is now in darkness. Fifty dead and 280 wounded, is the balance of the night that just ended,” states the note, adding that in “the city of Gaza there is rubble everywhere. The total balance of the dead is increasingly dramatic: 1,300 on the Israeli side as a result of Hamas’ incursion, 1,200 on the Palestinian side after the Israeli counteroffensive. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has worked to unite the political forces after the deadly attack of the Hamas Movement last Saturday. In place is an executive of national union, which must bring to an end the military advance against the Gaza Strip.”

By Valentina di Giorgio | Zenit News

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