“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Cry from Gaza: ‘It looks like it’s the end for the people living here’

“We no longer know who is alive and who is killed in Gaza. It’s taking them too long. Ask them, please, to finish us all.”

This is just part of one heart-breaking message being sent to the world from the besieged Gaza Strip where Israeli forces have intensified bombardments after diplomatic efforts to arrange a ceasefire to allow foreign passport holders to leave and aid to be brought in failed.

Residents of Gaza said overnight strikes on Sunday were the heaviest yet as the conflict between Israel and Hamas fighters entered its 10th day.

Thanks to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Near East) members at their Amman headquarters who updated us on the humanitarian situation in the enclave, we are able to share some of the words of despair and pleas for prayers as Gaza residents struggle to survive.

Please help stop this madness

“Title: Goodbye. Your prayers, please. Dear colleagues, with great thanks for the huge support and prayers that you and all colleagues gave us through the last week. But with regret, I must say things are getting worse. Electricity and water are now completely stopped with the stop of fuel for private generators. With this severe boom, I have to leave home to nearby. Unfortunately, an announcement they distribute by strike planes says they are planning more mass destruction to the northern governate, which is the closest to them, having about 1 million residents, and where I live. Things are not clear (…), I might be leaving at any moment tonight but I don’t know where to go. I depend entirely on God to guide us. I’ve just managed to charge some minutes from a neighbour’s solar system. So please make an email out of my reply. Sorry colleagues, I need to put your name to handle work-related issues and a few messages. I appreciate your prayers and support, and to all of you know, inside and outside, to do humanitarian civil cause, and please help us stop this madness. Very best. Goodbye to all of you.”

Ask them to finish us quickly

“We no longer know who is alive and who is killed in Gaza. It’s taking them too long. Ask them, please, to finish us all. The world will surely be a better place without Gaza and its people.”

The world has left us alone

“The world has left us alone. People are killed every second. Our homes destroyed. No water, no electricity. And all basic human needs are not here. We are just breathing hardly.”

It looks like the end for those living here

“The smell of explosives is filling the air, inside and outside the houses. Looks like it’s the end for the people living in here.”

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