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Calls for urgent humanitarian aid for Gaza

International aid organizations are continuing to call for urgently needed aid to be allowed into Gaza. It comes as hundreds of trucks carrying supplies wait to go through the Rafah crossing.

A total blockade has been enforced for over a week with fuel, food and water running out.

UN Agencies have said the Gaza Strip is ‘barreling towards catastrophe’ as hospitals began to run out of fuel. It thought food supplies are running low and over 2,000 patients remain in beds at hospitals in northern Gaza.

Some are new mothers, cancer patients or the sick on life support that cannot be moved.

Amid all this, Israel has been continuing its bombardment of Gaza, with dozens of civilians reportedly killed in air strikes overnight – including 23 people in one house.

As the US President Joe Biden prepares to visit Israel on Wednesday, Germany’s chancellor – also on his way to Israel – has called for constant dialogue to stop the conflict escalating.

The conflict erupted ten days ago when Hamas gunmen kidnapped at least 190 people – mostly civilians, including women and children – and took them into Gaza during brutal attacks on Israel that killed 1,400 people.

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