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Hamas security chief killed in air strike

Palestinian media says the head of the Hamas security forces has been killed as Israel continues air strikes on Gaza.

Palestinian health officials now say more than 3,800 civilians have been killed, most by Israel’s bombing campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

Over the last few weeks, the Israeli army has been compiling lists of the senior Hamas members killed in the air strikes. Earlier, Jehad Mheisen, a key leader within Hamas, was killed in a strike on his home.

Humanitarian catastrophe

Elsewhere, as the humanitarian situation becomes increasingly desperate, the United States has said a first group of 20 trucks carrying aid supplies could cross into Gaza from Egypt on Friday.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the UK fought the Nazis 80 years ago – and “Hamas are the new Nazis”. For his part, Sunak stressed the importance of allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Amid all this, there have been further cross-fire incidents between Israeli forces and Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon. The Israeli military said rockets and anti-tank missiles had been fired into Israel. It said it responded with anti-tank fire and a drone strike.

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