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No consensus at Cairo peace summit

World leaders have met in Cairo to talk about de-escalating violence in Gaza.
The leaders of Arab and European countries have been meeting in Cairo to discuss the Gaza crisis, but expectations were low because key players like Iran – and Israel itself – weren’t present at the gathering.

Hours after talks began participants remained deeply divided. In the end, no statement was issued.

Meanwhile, Israel has stepped up its bombardment of the Gaza Strip ahead of a possible ground offensive. According to Hamas, over 260 people were killed over a 24-hour period.

On Saturday, the first aid lorries were allowed to cross into Gaza from Egypt, delivering food, water and medical supplies. The UN called the delivery a “drop in the ocean” but the organisation said it hoped a second aid convoy will be allowed to enter Gaza today.

Elsewhere, tensions are rising on the Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

Israeli residents living in fourteen communities close to the frontier are being evacuated.

By Nathan Morley | Vaticannews

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