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A new book by Mgr. Shomali, titled: Revelation and Faith in Christianity

Mgr William Shomali, General Vicar, just issued a new book titled: Revelation and Faith in Christianity, in the Arabic language, it can be purchased at Christ the King Libray in Beit Shour, and it will soon be available at the Shabebeh (youth) online Store, Jorden.

Introduction to the book

Many existential questions have been asked by Man: Who is God? Why is there evil, pain, and death? Why are the bad guys blessed and the good ones suffer? What is there after death? Is there divine justice in this world? Or is justice put in place in the other world? Does God care for his creation? Does he know me personally? Does he have a clear plan and purpose for my life? Did God interfere in human history? How, when, and why?

Christianity advocates that the Bible contains the answer to these legitimate questions. The Bible is a sum of revelations given by God, which recounts events spanning 19 centuries. God has progressively and historically intervened in human life through specific events and people. He revealed serious matters of concern to all people, at all times. St. Paul wrote: “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” (2 Tim 3:16).

In the face of the possibility of revelation, people stand between believers and deniers. They wonder: Is man waiting for a message from the other world? Can it reach the Earth? And if it arrives, will humans understand it? In what ways did God himself give revelation to Man? How do we verify that what is called vivid is not the fabric of imagination? What is God’s share in writing the Bible? What is a human quota? How do we verify the content’s authenticity? Is the Bible historical? Could all the historical and scientific facts contained therein be adopted? Who guarantees our correct interpretation? Who is the trustee to save and explain it? These are Imperative questions when we talk about revelation.

The author of the book tried to answer previous questions through the pages of the book titled: Revelation and Faith in Christianity

The author intended for the book to be used for spiritual formation in special courses for adults to help form their faith and knowledge of the Christian life and the gift of the Bible. Before it was compiled in a book it was just lectures delivered in the parishes several times, which have a common theme of faith and divine revelation.

By: LPJ Media Office

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