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Injured leave Gaza through southern crossing

A group of injured Palestinians has arrived in Egypt through the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza.

It’s the first time people have been able to exit the besieged territory since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began.

Early on Wednesday, ambulances bringing wounded people from Gaza were seen entering Egypt for treatment – marking the first time the crossing has opened since Israel’s siege began.

Reports suggest 80 injured Palestinians and 500 foreign nationals will be allowed out in the first phase. The British Foreign Office said the Rafah crossing would be open for ‘controlled and time-limited periods’ to allow ‘specific groups of foreign nationals’ and the seriously wounded to leave.

Also at Rafah, some 70 aid humanitarian aid trucks crossed en route to Gaza on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza says 8,796 people have been killed there since the conflict erupted.

In a separate development, phone and internet services are completely cut in Gaza, according to telecom operator Paltel.

Elsewhere, Israel says 11 soldiers were killed in ground fighting in Gaza on Tuesday, taking the number of Israeli military killed since 7 October to 326.

Also on the military front, Israel has dispatched missile boats to the Red Sea after Houthi forces in Yemen fired drones toward Israel’s resort city of Eilat on Tuesday.

By Nathan Morley | Vatican news

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