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Gaza: Caritas MONA appeals for ceasefire, aid access, humanitarian law

Expressing grief for the death of Caritas colleague, 26-year-old Viola who was killed alongside her husband and infant daughter in an airstrike on the St Porphyrios Orthodox Church in Gaza three weeks ago, the regional director of Caritas MONA highlights the human tragedy unfolding in Gaza and emphasizes the need to recognize the value of every single human being affected by the conflict.

Some 11,000 people have been killed in just over a month in the Gaza Strip since Israel launched its retaliatory attacks against Hamas on 7 October, Viola “was one of 18 people who were killed during the airstrike that hit the Orthodox Church” three weeks ago, said Karam Abi Yazbeck, “one of thousands who have been killed.”

Caritas is mourning her together with her friends and family, he continued, “But everyone is important to someone. So beyond the huge numbers [of deaths] reported every day, remember that every human being is important on this earth, and we hope that this will stop from both sides.”

Challenges in aid delivery 

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