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Holy Land: Pause in fighting on the way after hostage breakthrough

Israel and Hamas agree on a deal to release 50 hostages being held in Gaza during a four-day pause in fighting.

Qatar’s prime minister has thanked the United States and Egypt for helping broker the pause in Gaza. He said he hoped the agreement would establish a comprehensive and sustainable agreement that would “put an end to the war and the bloodshed”. He also held out the wish that a comprehensive and just peace process would follow.

After six weeks of conflict, this is seen as the most positive development to date.

Indications suggest a four-day pause in fighting will see Hamas release 50 hostages from Gaza.

Israel is then expected release 150 Palestinian women and teenagers held in Israeli detention.

In the second phase, the pause in fighting will be extended by a day for every 10 further hostages released.

On Wednesday morning, Israel published a list of 300 Palestinians who could be released in total – most are male teenagers.

In Washington, US president Joe Biden said  he was “extraordinarily gratified” that some of the hostages who have endured “weeks of captivity and an unspeakable ordeal” will be reunited with their families.

By Nathan Morley | Vaticannews

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