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Gaza: Truce in place, aid deliveries underway

For the first time in nearly seven weeks, the fighting has stopped.

It has been an afternoon of fevered activity – firstly, just after 4 pm, Hamas released 12 Thai nationals, but this was not part of the anticipated hostage swap.

Then, Israeli media reported that 13 women and children taken hostage by Hamas were handed to the Red Cross, followed by preparations for 39 Palestinian detainees in Israel to be set free.

There may be an extension to the truce if a deal on further hostages and prisoners can be reached – but Israel is resolved on returning to war following the pause.

As it stands, this break in the violence is anticipated to last for four days.

Humanitarian aid flows into Gaza

Meanwhile, on the ground, relief is finally on the way for the long-suffering citizens of Gaza. At least 50 aid lorries have passed into the enclave through the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

Supplies of petrol and oil are urgently needed to run the desalination plant, to provide electricity to homes and hospitals, and for sanitation, transport, internet, and phone infrastructure.

Aid organizations say around 160,000 litres of fuel is needed every day for basic humanitarian operations.

This war, which has raged since October 7, is the deadliest conflict between Israel and militants in Gaza since the United Nations began its mission there in 2006.

Israel’s military operation started following Hamas’s vicious 7 October attack, when the group killed around 1,200 people and took more than 230 people as hostages.

By Nathan Morley
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